Sunken Queen

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The Sunken Queen.

The Sunken Queen, once known as the Shining Queen,[1] is a partially submerged Thassilonian pyramid built over 10,000 years ago by the Runelord Sorshen[2] in what was then the nation of Eurythnia.[1] It is located in southern Varisia in an enormous swampland known as the Mushfens, approximately 160 miles west of the city of Korvosa.[3][4]

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Each side of the four-sided pyramid is embossed with a bas-relief sculpture of the naked Runelord Sorshen,[5] and one side of the structure has sunk so far into the surrounding marsh, that the pyramid now rests at a severe angle. Strange, curving towers rise above the pyramid's peak, resembling organic growths of chimneys.[6] Legend tells of multiple layers of dangerous catacombs contained within the pyramid holding secrets of Ancient Thassilon.[7]


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