Rushlight Society

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Rushlight Society
Type Criminal
Leader Miior Duvanti
Headquarters Varisia
Goals Korvosan dominance
Scope Local (Lost Coast)
Members Brigands, with some wizards and magi

Source: Pathfinder 7, pg(s). 24

The Rushlight Society is a bandit organization operating on Varisia's Lost Coast. Rumors are that the Society organizes the majority of criminal activity along the Lost Coast Road, the Yondabakari River and other roads in the hinterlands of Magnimar,[1] though they inexplicably ignore trade by sea.[2] Their headquarters is located outside of Magnimar, where charmed and dominated guards, such as ettercaps, bugbears, and a marsh giant witch serve as protectors.[3]


Korvosan sympathizers founded the Rushlight Society to disrupt Magnimar's influence in western Varisia. In recent years the Society is seeking to work independently of Korvosa.[3]


Most members of the society are run-of-the-mill thugs, though a few wizards and magi help charm guards and town militias to facilitate their raids. Society members must raid a caravan or town, or at least perform some commercially disruptive act, at least once a month to maintain their membership.[2]


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