House Arkona

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House Arkona
Shield of House Arkona
Type Noble house
Headquarters Korvosa, Varisia
Scope National (Varisia)
Structure Familial
Members Melyia Arkona, Vaultmaster Bahasaran
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Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 40-41

House Arkona is one of the most powerful noble families in the former Chelish colony of Korvosa. Unlike most other families of that town, members of the Arkona family live only in Varisia.[1]


Although an old family that predates even the founding of Cheliax, by 4458 AR House Arkona had sunk into poverty. Lord Garath Arkona of Korvosa and his sociable brother and adviser Jenkson Arkona, in the caravel Reprieve, set sail for distant and exotic Vudra. The shipment they brought back returned House Arkona to a place of prominence in the nobility. Overnight, the much-derided house went from among the poorest noble families to second only to House Jeggare in wealth. In the next few years Lord Garath and Jenkson indulged in nearly every vice available, from drugs to cruelty to pleasures of the flesh.[1]

Current prospects

Since their initial voyage to Vudra, House Arkona has only increased its wealth and influence in the city. Nothing occurs in the back alleys or stinking vaults of Old Korvosa without House Arkona knowing about it. It is a poorly kept secret that the family controls or has influence over every major (and most minor) criminal enterprise in the city.[2]


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