House Endrin

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House Endrin

Noble house
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 41

House Endrin, founded in honor of the founder of the Sable Company, is a noble house of Korvosa.1


The emperor of Cheliax, in recognition of the great accomplishments of Waydon Endrin, granted the family a noble title in 4456 AR and made Waydon's son Lucien Endrin the first Lord Endrin. Lucien, much like his father, sacrificed himself in defense of the city he loved and left no heir. His sister Brieanna had already married into Jeggare family, wedding a grandnephew of Montlarion Jeggare. she invited her cousin Ponchus in Cheliax to move to Korvosa and claim the title in 4471 AR, and like his predecessors Ponchus also eventually died defending Korvosa.1

Sable Company relationship

House Endrin has produced more Commandants of the Sable Company and Field Marshals of the Korvosan Guard than any other Korvosan noble house. House Endrin remains close to House Jeggare and controls considerable influence in the city due to its strong alliances.1


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