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Secret syndicate
Source: Feast of Ravenmoor, pg(s). 30

While the Varisian town of Ravenmoor appears a normal settlement—quaint and isolated along the Lampblack River—it holds a deeper secret that its residents seem dedicated to keep. During the day, trade takes place as it would in any frontier village, and the citizens are as open and trusting as one would expect. At night, travelers will find that their coin is unable to obtain them a room in any of the inns, and the seemingly pious residents become much more secretive about their religious beliefs. The true nature of this strange town remains a mystery, save to those who live there.12


The village of Ravenmoor was annexed by the city of Magnimar in 4693 AR.3


The town of Ravenmoor lies just over halfway between Ember Lake and the Storval Plateau in central Varisia.4 South and east of the town there are overland trails that connect to the nearby communities of Wolf's Ear and Roderic's Cove. Upriver on the Lampblack, the land becomes trackless wilderness up through the Curchain Hills to the Storval Stairs.5


Even though the town grows somewhat xenophobic at night, during the day, the people are happy to trade with anyone who makes the journey to Ravenmoor. They frequently trade with the nearby Shoanti Hawk Clan, often coming to the erroneous conclusion that all Shoanti must be as welcoming as the Shriikirri-Quah.6 The area around the town is known for its excellent vineyards, and Ravenmoor grapes and wine can be found as far away as the markets of distant Korvosa.7