Curchain Hills

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The Curchain Hills are grassy uplands located in central Varisia between the Stony Mountains and the Iron Peaks. The Storval Rise forms their northern border, and both the Lampblack and Chavali Rivers flow through it on their way south.1 The terrain is generally pleasant, with rolling hills and dells appearing with almost planned symmetry. Great herds of aurochs graze here,2 and both the peaceful Shoanti Clan of the Hawk3 and the more aggressive Wind Clan claim this land as their own.4

The Floating Sphere of Mauffrey, a massive sphere of stone, flies over the Curchain Hills. Its path seems random though it never leaves an area some 100 miles in radius over the hills. Drakes, giant spiders, bugbears, and other goblinoid creatures have been known to make the Floating Sphere their homes.5


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