Toff Ornelos

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Toff Ornelos
Toff Ornelos.

Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 62 (1E)

Toff Ornelos is the head of House Ornelos, as well as the current headmaster of the Acadamae in Korvosa.1 Unlike some of his predecessors, Ornelos does not delegate authority to the various heads of the Acadamae's schools of magic, preferring to reserve as much as he can for himself.2


Toff Ornelos, one of the most talented magic-users in all of Varisia, has been the headmaster of the Acadamae since around 4678 AR.3


He is the uncle of Gasta Weagra, the owner of the Gilded Orrery, a magic shop in Korvosa's exclusive Heights district.4

Toff is a descendant of Volshyenek Ornelos, founder of House Ornelos and the Acadamae. Volshynek Ornelos was in turn impersonated by the infernal duke Lorthact for over 200 years and who remains an influence on Toff, the Acadamae, and House Ornelos.5

Toff was also the uncle6 of Captain Fedele Ornelos, a hippogriff-riding member of the Sable Company,7 and is the granduncle of Illyria Ornelos.8

A more unfortunate family predecessor is Lord High Magistrate Remsev Ornelos who was murdered along with his family in Korvosa in 4491 AR by angry dockworkers assisted and provoked by members of House Viamio.910


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