Eel's End

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Eel's End is the name given to a pier on the eastern edge of Endrin Isle, in Korvosa's Old Korvosa district. Five ships are permanently anchored here, forming a drug, prostitution, and gambling complex run by Devargo Barvasi, also known as the King of Spiders.[1]


The dock known as Eel's End can be found on Wave Street, on the south-easternmost tip of the city district of Old Korvosa, just east of the last wooden bridge to connect Endrin Isle to the mainland district of North Point.[2] The dock itself is decorated with lanterns shaped like dream spiders and god's eye, although they are only lit at night.[1]

At the end of the 70 foot quay, the visitor finds five permanently moored ships, each housing a different (largely illicit) businesses overseen by Barvasi. In a clockwise direction when approaching the end of the pier, these ships are: the Twin Tigers, a barge housing an often raucous gambling hall, the Dragon's Breath Corridor, a once-mighty vessel, now painted a gaudy shade of red that holds a silken drug den, the Eel's End, an old warship that serves as Barvasi's headquarters, the House of Clouds, a brothel run by a half-elven madam named Halvara, and the Goldenhawk, a single-masted Chelish ship, patched and repaired in hundreds of places, which acts as a floating inn. None of these vessels are seaworthy, and are kept in just good-enough repair to keep them from sinking into the Jeggare River.[1]


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