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Nation Varisia
Region Korvosa
Size Small town
Population 955

Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 8

The Varisian town of Melfesh straddles both the northern and southern shores of the Yondabakari River as it flows into Lake Syrantula. Built on long piers that stick out into the river, it is was founded by Jorsh Melfesh in 4569 AR.[1][2]


The town was invaded by a band of troglodytes in 4574 AR, who attacked Melfesh after being driven from the tunnels beneath the nearby settlement of Biston. They were eventually eradicated by a group of adventurers.[1]


This holding of Korvosa is the largest and most heavily fortified of the city-state's inland settlements. As a result, the village is the primary military support for other outlying settlements such as Biston and Baslwief. Melfesh serves another, more lucrative, purpose, however, in that its massive drawbridge across the Yondabakari grants the village control over trade to and from Janderhoff via the Runtash River. The tolls collected are generally shared with the dwarven city, but have also led to a number of disputes, especially when Magnimarian vessels find that they are being charged almost double what ships from Korvosa pay. This is a major reason why there is such a major military presence in Melfesh, despite its relatively small size.[3]


The power of the Yondabakari River's current is captured by a multitude of waterwheels and used by Melfesh's lumber and grain mills.[4]

Melfesh Monster

The small town of Melfesh has recently become disturbed by rumours of a strange, deadly creature known as the Melfesh Monster.[5]


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