Storval Plateau

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The northeastern half of Varisia is a landscape starkly contrasted to the rest of the region. Atop the thousand-foot-high Storval Rise rests the arid and desolate Storval Plateau. Much less populated and hospitable than the lush, fertile lowlands to the south and west, the Storval Plateau nonetheless provides a home to several tribes of nomadic Shoanti, as well as a large population of giants and varying wildlife.12 The hellish Cinderlands are perhaps the most well-known of the Plateau's features, but it contains a number of other dangers and mysteries including the Storval Deep, Lake Skotha, Guiltspur and the Mobhad Leigh. The only permanent settlements of note in the entirety of the Plateau are the orc city of Urglin, located in the northern reaches of the Cinderlands; and Kaer Maga, which sits precariously on the edge of the Storval Rise at the Yondabakari River.3




Even though the Storval Plateau is home to countless species, its true masters are its giant inhabitants who are descended from the slave workers of ancient Thassilon. They make their home in the crags and mountaintops of the region and make frequent raids on the softer settlements of the south.4


The Plateau is home to some of the tribes of the Shoanti people who eke out a living hunting aurochs on the sparse grasslands.2


The bestial undead known as namorrodors are known to hunt around some of the river gorges that criss-cross the Storval Plateau where the Material Plane is coterminous with the Shadow Plane.5