Iron Peaks

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The Iron Peaks are an isolated range of mountain peaks in central Varisia beginning near the northern Sanos Forest, stretching over the Storval Rise onto the Storval Plateau, and forming the western border of the Storval Deep before trailing off into foothills east of Lake Skotha.1 The mountains are criss-crossed by two major rivers: the Muschkal,2 which eventually empties into the Storval Deep; and an unnamed river which flows into Lake Coal, Claybottom Lake and from there into the Skull River.3 In Varisia's lowlands, the Iron Peaks provide the area with a significant rain shadow, making the rolling land around the Lampblack River quite fertile.4 The mountains themselves are wilderness, seldom traveled by humanoids, and are primarily inhabited by hill giants, stone giants, and ogres.45

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