House Porphyria

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House Porphyria

Noble house
Regional (Cheliax)
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 42–43

House Porphyria is a noble family that was once amongst the most powerful families of the Varisian city-state of Korvosa but have since been banished from the city. In the earliest days after Korvosa's founding, Chadris Porphyria was in contention for becoming the provisional lord of the city, along with his rival Arbust Arabasti, both seeing it as a stepping stone to true nobility. Unfortunately, Chadris died during a rally in support of him, and with him House Porphyria lost the promise of the formal noble title that House Thrune agreed to grant them if they could overcome Arbust Arabasti. This fermented a bitter rivalry between the two families in Korvosa.1

Fifty years later, House Porphyria got their chance for revenge against the Arabasti. The Arabasti King Cardraith had been deeply unpopular and, when he suddenly died, House Porphyria seized the opportunity, putting one of their own Chadris III upon the Crimson Throne. Unfortunately, Chadris III was just as unpopular, and he was overthrown by Domina Arabasti after only six years. With Domina's ascension she set about completely dismantling House Porphyria in Korvosa, effectively completely removing them from the city. Both of these noble houses are originally from Cheliax and the squabbles of their provincial branches has had little effect on the rest of the houses. While banished from Korvosa and their very name shunned, in Cheliax, House Porphyria is still a prominent merchant family. They even own a powerful mercantile company that was established jointly with House Arabasti.1


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