Turandarok River

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The Turandarok River (meaning river without beginning, or more poetically path from nowhere) flows at a relatively slow pace through the Lost Coast of southwestern Varisia, emptying into the Varisian Gulf at the town of Sandpoint. On the way to its delta it flows past the Whisperwood Moor and the southern boundary of the Mosswood, is joined by Weasel Creek at Biston's Pond, on by the highlands known as the Devil's Platter, the Tickwood, and finally past the low rise of the Ravenroost before emptying into the sea.[1][2] Sandpoint's residents use it as a water source, for its fishing spots, and to transport logs from the upstream woodlands to the sawmills of Sandpoint.[3][4][5]

The farther upstream one goes, the Turandarok becomes more and more bizarre, dangerous and mysterious, and none can say they have tracked it to its source in the Shy Hills.[5] The native Varisians tell of a great enigma at the headwaters of the Turandarok, and have long learnt to accept and ignore it. When Sandpoint was first founded, some of the explorers who tried to explore the source of the Turandarok reported strange, eerie, disturbing dreams, visions, and sounds in the foggy Whisperwood Moor. Most were demoralised by the strangely aggressive animals, will-o'-wisp attacks, and glimpses of long-dead people before reaching the Shy Hills; those few that have gone there and returned refuse to reveal what they saw, convinced that finding the source is unnecessary. In time, since there was no economic benefit in doing so, interest in finding the source waned; those who still try usually vanish or return without their minds intact and live the rest of their days in Habe's Sanatorium.[2]


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