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Ilsurian from Lake Syrantula

Small town
712 Chelaxians, 47 Varisians, 23 other humans, 3 half-elves, 5 other
Council Leader Irriley Braeton
Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 24-33

Ilsurian is a small agricultural and fishing town situated on the northern banks of Lake Syrantula at the mouth of the Skull River.1 The town is on the Yondabakari Road, 64 miles northeast of Whistledown (and a total of 359 miles east of the city of Magnimar). The Yondabakari Road continues towards the town of Biston, 45 miles to the east.2


Ilsurian was founded in 4631 AR by Ilsur, a former First Sword of the Knights of Aroden, and his followers, all of whom were dissatisfied with the direction Korvosa took following the collapse of the Chelish Empire. The original plan was to await the right time to return to Korvosa and overthrow the new aristocracy, replacing the monarchy with a military meritocracy. That time never came, and the citizens of Ilsurian have contented themselves with their lives as fishermen and woodsmen. That said, they are still required to maintain a sharp sword and train for defending against an invasion, as their sense of independence and freedom has not dwindled in the last century.1 The town has recently become a stopping place for the Umbra Carnival.34


Ilsurian is ruled by a six-person council democratically elected every two years. The council adjudicates laws and settles disputes in the town. The residents take great pride in their civic duties and almost every citizen participates in the elections. Being a meritocracy, the citizens are instructed to vote based more on the quality and experience of the candidates than their stances on issues. In its meritocratic system, only former council members can nominate new candidates. The council heads, too, are chosen by the rest of the council, and serve for two years. The laws do not allow council heads to be voted in for successive 2-year terms, except in rare emergency situations.5


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Most of the inhabitants of the town are Chelaxian in appearance with pale skin, dark hair, and strong features. Most of them harbor a resentment or prejudice against the native Varisians, considering them thieves and vagrants.3

The sheriff is a human named Kyra Feldane.6

Notable Locations

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Many interesting locations exist in Ilsurian, including:


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Amongst the organizations of Ilsurian are:


Paizo published a major article about Ilsurian, including a map and gazetteer, in Towns of the Inner Sea, p. 24ff.

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