Ooze River

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The Ooze River, sometimes simply known as the Ooze, is a fetid river that runs through the middle of the orc city of Urglin in Varisia's Cinderlands.1 As Urglin lacks a sewer system, all of the city's waste and sewage is tossed directly into the Ooze, resulting in its apt, if unpleasant, moniker and pudding-like consistency.2 Most of Urglin's inhabitants gather their drinking water from the city's western wall, before it has a chance to become polluted. As the river flows east through Urglin, it becomes more sluggish and vile, eventually miring in Pusbubble Lake outside the city's eastern walls.

Two bridges cross the Ooze within Urglin, one close to the eastern wall and Pusbubble Lake and the other near the district of Bonerattle. Oozefront, Urglin's primary market district, stretches along the entire flow of the Ooze through the city.1