Zeeva Foxglove

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Zeeva Foxglove

Cat named Nimeeta
Source: Portent's Peril, pg(s). 20

Zeeva Foxglove is the owner and operator of the Green Market in the South Shore district of Korvosa. Zeeva is a member of an aristocratic family from Magnimar, but has not lived in western Varisia since tragedy struck the Foxgloves in 4693 AR. Her mother, Cyralie, went mad and burned down their manor's outbuilding and attempted to set the house itself on fire. Zeeva's father, Traver, threw his wife from the building's second story to her death on the jagged rocks below and then took his own life. After a short stint in a Magnimarian orphanage, Zeeva, her sister Sendeli, and brother Aldern were taken in by their father's second cousin and raised in Korvosa.1

In 4704 AR, Zeeva purchased the Green Market, which had lain abandoned for several years after the untimely death of its previous owner. After a year of remodeling, she reopened the market and has seen its popularity and profitability grow beyond her wildest dreams. She allows merchants in the market to sell any common goods from food and clothing to jewelry and art but forbids the sale of weapons, armor, or magic.2


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