House Viamio

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House Viamio

Noble house
Lord Amycus Viamio (formerly)
Regional (Varisia) (formerly)
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 50

House Viamio was a noble house that vied for power in the early days of the, then Chelaxian, city of Korvosa and lost, leading to its ultimate destruction.1



House Viamio were present in Korvosa from the earliest days of the city, making their residence on the Endrin Isle in what is today thought of as Old Korvosa. After the exodus of four of the Five Great Houses from Endrin Island to the mainland, trouble began amongst the residents of Old Korvosa: a conflict House Viamio was all too happy to exploit. In the wake of the nobility's exodus, a large protest was held in Old Korvosa which resulted in several buildings burning down and multiple deaths. The protest also served to drive a wedge between the people of Korvosa and the Great Houses. In 4491 AR, fed by stoking from House Viamio and Lord Amycus Viamio, a group of longshoremen invaded the house of Lord Remsev Ornelos and slaughtered him and his family. Using the situation to his advantage, Lord Amycus Viamio promised reconciliation between the people and managed to get himself appointed Lord Magistrate of the city. House Viamio used the next decade to bring in Chelaxian citizens loyal to himself, as well as rebels against the crown of Cheliax.1

The Cousins' War

After over a decade of rule, Lord Amycus Viamio and House Viamio had doubled Korvosa's population and, as early as 4492 AR, these newcomers started clashing with the established noble houses and political elite of the city. After a decade of safe land growing scarcer and House Viamio's allies growing bolder, Korvosa was a political powder keg ready to ignite. In 4502 AR, House Jeggare provided the spark by granting a large loan to House Viamio. House Viamio, unbeknownst to House Jeggare, used this to fan the political tensions and recruit an army of mercenaries, disgruntled Shoanti, and goblins. Shortly afterwards, Lord Amycus would start the Cousins' War in earnest by orchestrating a debate in which he demanded the other noble houses abandoned their holding beyond the safety of Endrin Island for strategic reasons. When this laughably strange order was refused (for there was no military threat to these holdings), Lord Amycus declared all those who had settled beyond the Narrows of Saint Alika as traitors to the Chelish Crown. Across Korvosa mobs of paid House Viamio supporters began putting the holdings of the House's enemies to the torch. At the same time, the mercenary army swept towards Korvosa's easternmost holdings. Despite the element of surprise, the Cousins' War eventually ended in a resounding defeat for House Viamio.1


Lord Amycus Viamio was eventually caught by Sable Company marines as he tried to flee Korvosa and was taken to the depths of Castle Korvosa and never heard from again. In his absence, House Viamio collapsed and members were declared as traitors. All the House's remaining members were arrested and the House's holding confiscated and redistributed amongst the other noble houses of Korvosa.1


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