Yondabakari River

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The Yondabakari River (pronounced yawn-da-ba-KAR-ee)1 is the longest and one of the most heavily traveled waterways in Varisia. It stretches from its source in the Mindspin Mountains all the way to the Varisian Gulf, with its mouth serving as the port of Magnimar. The river is one of the few sources of water in the dry Cinderlands, through which it flows after leaving the mountains of its origin. It then cascades down the Storval Rise at Kaer Maga, the severe drop limiting river traffic from one end of the river to another. Once again on flat land, the Yondabakari continues southwest to where it forms, with the Skull River, Lake Syrantula at the feet of the Fenwall Mountains. The river flows out the western end of the lake, serving as a natural divider between the Sanos Forest and the Mushfens to its final end as it pours into the Varisian Gulf.2

Perhaps the result of its length, the Yondabakari varies greatly in its features, sometimes cutting definite banks among the rolling hills, and other times all but blending in with the swamp of the Mushfens.3

While much travel takes place on the river itself, the northern bank of the river is followed closely by a well-worn road called the Dry Way. Travel along the river is generally safe, but near the swamps there are risks of boggard attacks4


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