Citadel Crest

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Citadel Crest is one of the wards that makes up the Heights area of the city of Korvosa. The Acadamae stands within Citadel Crest but, due to its unique nature, it is not considered to be a part of the ward.1 Citadel Crest is the wealthiest ward in all Korvosa, home to over a dozen prominent noble families; land here is twice as expensive as the next wealthiest district of Cliffside. It also contains two of Korvosa's most prominent landmarks, the Great Tower and the Temple of Asmodeus. Citadel Crest is a very safe area with virtually no violent crime; burglaries, however, are much more common. Citadel Crest is unique in that there are no inns anywhere within the district; instead, anyone wishing to stay here must reside at one of the expensive bed and breakfasts, each of which is linked to one of the local noble families.2


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