Lady's Light

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The Lady's Light is an enormous statue located on the end of a peninsula in the south-westernmost reaches of Varisia's Mushfens, approximately 50 miles from the city of Magnimar as the crow flies.1 Almost 200 feet in height, the statue resembles a woman in flowing robes with one breast bared, holding a staff aloft.23

Exterior appearance

The Lady's Light.

While its location at the edge of the ancient kingdom of Bakrakhan might suggest that the Lady's Light depicts Alaznist, the realm's Runelord,4 the statue is in fact from the ancient Thassilonian realm of Eurythnia and depicts the Runelord Sorshen.5 A bright blue light shines from the staff's tip at regular intervals, often making it the first thing that ships entering Varisian waters see, and warning them away from the dangerous reefs near the statue's base. Beneath the strange statue, a mysterious door leads deeper into the ancient statue. What lies beyond the door none can say, for it has not been opened in modern times, possibly even since the fall of Thassilon itself.265


The statue was built with the labor of enslaved rune and stone giants.7. Completed in -6060 AR, it was designed as a display of Sorshen's power and a place to stay when she or her agents were spying upon the realms of Bakrakhan and Shalast. The chambers within housed many of Sorshen's servants, overseen by the capable succubus Ayandamahla.5

The structure survived the destruction of the Thassilonian Empire due to its location and firm foundation, although most of those who survived fled due to the massive flooding. Ayandamahla, having been bound magically to the building, was not afforded this escape. She remained behind, growing increasingly frustrated by her imprisonment until she tricked her daughter, the alu-demon Ashamintallu, to take her place.5

The Lady's Light Today

Even though countless sailors pass the Lady's Light on their way around the south-westernmost point of Varisia's coastline, few have actually visited the statue due to the hazards surrounding it. By land one must trek through the dangerous and inhospitable Mushfens to reach it, filled with tribes of boggards, xulgaths, and other monsters, while by sea the approach is protected by treacherous reefs.1


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