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Bookmaker is the largest bookshop in all Korvosa and it attracts eager readers from across the city. Owned by the half-elf Costa Serimus, the books on offer within Bookmaker range from books of legends about Ancient Azlant to up-to-date academic reports on Osirion archaeology. Students from Theumanexus College, the University of Korvosa, and various other smaller schools and colleges all buy their books from Bookmaker and many of the professors of these institutions have their published works available in the store. Notably, the students of the Acadamae do not purchase their books here. Bookmaker has an informal agreement to avoid too much overlap with the bookshop Gilded Orrery: the Gilded Orrery focuses on all things arcane, while Bookmaker instead stocks titles with a more general focus on knowledge. Bookmaker sits above a hidden entrance to the maze of underground chambers known as The Vaults.1


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