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Mainshore is a ward in the North Point district of the Varisian city of Korvosa.1


The first Chelish encampment on the Varisian mainland (as opposed to Endrin Isle) was in what is now Mainshore. Three battles (in 4435, 4439, and 4442 AR) were fought here between the Chelish settlers and the Shoanti, who were the original inhabitants of the land. After the third battle, the Chelish garrison built a wooden palisade to protect themselves. This was later replaced by a stone wall, parts of which can still be seen today. The ward is full of plaques, statues, and memorials to the people who fought and died to establish and defend Mainshore. Although many of the buildings in the ward are old, they are still home to some of the city's most wealthy families.12

Places of interest


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