Jeggare Museum

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In the city of Korvosa, in the region of Varisia, the Jeggare Museum is only rivalled by the Museum of Ages in Magnimar.1


Montlarion Jeggare sponsored the Jeggare Museum when he moved the majority of the collection he had amassed during his travels as an explorer from the House Jeggare home to a new building in the middle of Korvosa in the Heights District. This move was completed in 4490 AR. The collection was opened to little applause, but soon became the city's most distinguished institution of history. During this transition, and all of the time since, a member of the Jeggare family has overseen the collection.1


Holding not on display or in exhibits are stored in the various rooms on the Jeggare estate.2

Notable items


To gather artifacts, a good museum must fund expeditions, and the Jeggare is no exception. They have sponsored trips to places all over Varisia, such as the Obelisk Forest of Mundatei and Spindlehorn.1

Current Employees

  • Mercival Jeggare is the current curator. He cares about preserving history more than his predecessors. He is a graduate of the University of Egorian.1
  • Another graduate of the University of Egorian is the head of acquisitions and finances, Shaine Elliendo.1
  • Errae Leinspar Donnler is an old historian employed by the museum.1
  • Gailie is a young girl who lives on the roof of the museum. Using her traditional Varisian stories and nuggets of knowledge gained while traveling with her family, she acts as an unofficial tour guide.1


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