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Titles The Gateway to Korvosa
Nation Varisia
Region Korvosa
Size Town

Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 8-9

The town of Veldraine is perhaps the most important strategic holding of Korvosa, and the second-oldest Chelaxian settlement in Varisia. Located at the mouth of Conqueror's Bay, Veldraine's ships make up most of the Korvosan Navy, and its naval academy trains most of the city-state's sailors and captains. It also contains a giant winch that allows the military to pull an immense chain taut across the entrance to the bay, keeping invading navies or pirates out of the waters—or trapped within it to be dispatched one by one.[1][2] The chain is inspected monthly by Korvosan officials, and has only been used once in 4685 AR in order to fight pirates from Riddleport.[3]


Veldraine depends on Korvosa for trade and support, just as the larger city depends on Veldraine for naval protection.[3]

Cult of Ghlaunder

A small cult of the Gossamer King is said to reside outside the town, hidden in an ancient Thassilonian ruin where they breed a race of poisonous stirges and wait to release them against those who do not follow their god.[4]


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