Longacre Building

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This article is about the prison for violent criminals in Korvosa. For the Andoren town, see Longacre. For that town's armory, see Longacre Armory.

The Longacre Building, one of Korvosa's largest buildings,1 is home to its feared Arbiters, after whom the building is also known as Arbiter's Hall. It is the site of the city's executions of violent criminals. Neck-snapping hangings take place in the building, located west of City Hall in North Point, while beheadings by axe occur beneath the building in the Deathhead Vault.2

Due to the large amount of undead activity in Longacre—second in the city to only the Gray District necropolis—Abadaran and Pharasmin clerics regularly patrol the building.2

The building also has a reputation for strange disappearances of prisoners, sometimes for years at a time and often permanently. Those who do return retain only fragmented memories of what happened during their absence; of those who do not, some who work in Longacre insist that some malevolence from below drags prisoners away.2


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