House Leroung

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House Leroung
Shield of House Leroung
Type Noble house
Headquarters Korvosa, Varisia
Scope Regional (Cheliax
and Varisia)
Structure Familial
Members Largely teachers and
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Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 42

Members of the ancient and esteemed Chelish noble House Leroung have long served their country and its colonies as teachers and scholars. The lords or ladies of the house rarely bother with the dirty politics of court life. To this day, the house maintains extensive libraries in the three largest cities of Cheliax, and family members control both the University of Egorian in Cheliax and Almas University in Andoran. Lady Eliasia Leroung is the current headmistress of the University of Korvosa and is considered an ally by most other noble houses.[1]

The widespread practice of using halfling crews on trading ships was started by House Leroung in an effort to maximize profits. Nearly half of all the ships belonging to Korvosa's elite are halfling-sized and -crewed ships built by House Leroung.[2]

Dess Leroung was the Lord Magistrate of Korvosa who imported the otyughs from Cheliax as a partial solution to the issue of waste on isolated Endrin Island.[3]

Jessa Leroung founded the University of Korvosa in 4488 AR.[4]

Skara Leroung was Lord Magistrate of Korvosa in 4606 AR when the weekly shipments from Cheliax stopped arriving due to the confusion accompanying the death of Aroden.[5]

The wizard Sheel Leroung was a political ally of Daidian Ruel and aided his research into deviltry and organization in the Outer Sphere. In 4599 AR, he was given permission to take 20 Hellknights into the western edge of the Menador Mountains on a private venture. In return for this, he provided funds to create a new Hellknight fortress there, which became Citadel Enferac.[6]


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