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The Nolands

The stony plains north of the Red Mountains in what until recently was far northwestern Varisia, and is now New Thassilon, are known as the Nolands.12


For centuries, the peoples of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings have been exiling their criminals and lawbreakers to this no-man's-land, a practice the Shoanti have followed as well. Descendants of these individuals eventually formed into bands and camps, continuously warring against each other and striking at the communities to their north and south. These groups are generally too disorganized to prove a true threat to northern Varisia, but that does not mean that the folk of the Velashu Uplands and the Red Mountains fail to keep a constant lookout. Protecting Varisia against these rampaging forces had become somewhat of a preferred calling for certain paladins and rangers in recent years. These wardens of the north began to notice that the tactics of the Noland Raiders had become more coordinated, and appealed to Riddleport and even the Hellknights for support.13

New Thassilon

After the founding of New Thassilon in 4718 AR,4 Queen Sorshen annexed the Nolands. Under her rule, they became the first part of New Thassilon to experience immense growth.2