Outcast's Cove

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Outcast's Cove forms the natural harbour at the centre of Magnimar's naval power.

Outcast's Cove is one of the most important features of Magnimar, even if it is not as prominent as the Seacleft or the Irespan. Along its shores lie the bustling markets of the Bazaar of Sails, the salt-soaked Dockway, and the raucous Beacon's Point.1 The cove even features in the legend of Alcaydian Indros; according to the stories, it was on the shores of Outcast's Cove that Indros vanquished the serpent Vydrarch and founded the city.2


Before the impact of the Starstone redrew Varisia's coastline, Outcast's Cove was actually a freshwater lake unconnected to the waters of the Varisian Gulf.3