Venster Arabasti

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Venster Arabasti
Race/Species Tiefling ghost
Class Aristocrat 6
Gender Male
Homeland Korvosa, Varisia
Organization House Arabasti
Died ca. 4707 AR

Source: Curse of the Crimson Throne, pg(s). 373

Venster Arabasti was the bastard child of Queen Domina of Korvosa. Because of his otherworldly parentage, Venster was hidden away by his family on the fourth floor of Castle Korvosa, where he lived as a recluse. His only contacts with anyone, were his occasional card games and harrow readings he shared with his half-brother Eodred. Despite these pleasantries, Venster was very jealous of his half-brother, and it took little for his brother's wife, Ileosa, to seduce Venster and then convince him to murder the King. He poisoned the playing cards he and his brother used during their visits, a poison which the King would eventually succumb to in 4708 AR.[1][2]

After she had no further use for him, Queen Ileosa killed Venster by walling him into a room in the castle's dungeons and letting him die of thirst.[3] Due to the trauma surrounding his death and his powerful guilt associated with the killing of his half-brother, Venster's spirit could not rest, and he returned to haunt Castle Korvosa. He was eventually able to find peace due to the actions of a small group who brought the reign of terror of Queen Ileosa to an end.[4]


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