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Nation Varisia
Size Small town
Population 551
Demographics Predominantly Gnome & Human
Ruler Magistrate Adagre Bagalom

Source: Terror at Whistledown, pg(s). 5

The town of Whistledown is one of the few settlements in Varisia not affiliated with either Korvosa or Magnimar, though it is located almost exactly halfway between the two larger cities. Founded at the western edge of the Fenwall Mountains, where Lake Syrantula flows back into the Yondabakari River, the town is known primarily as the heart of the gnome population in Varisia, despite the fact that it contains just as many humans as gnomes. Nevertheless, much of the town's buildings and its white-walled cottages are sized for gnomes. Its name derives from the strange wooden charms which produce haunting melodies in the night winds off the lake, and this nightly music tends to put off most non-gnome visitors.[1][2]


Whistledown is a common resting spot on the Dry Way for merchants and caravans. Its most renowned export is fine quality musical instruments, made by some of the finest artisans in Avistan.[3]

Places of interest

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