Storval Stairs

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Built thousands of years ago by the enslaved giants of the Thassilonian empire,1 the Storval Stairs are a set of stair-like tiers carved into the side of the western Storval Rise, then part of Shalast.2 Although sized for a gigantic creature, they are by far the easiest way to cross the Rise west of the Iron Peaks. It is not uncommon for the Storval Rise to reach heights of over 1,000 feet in many places, sharply delineating the fertile lowlands from the barren scrub land of the Storval Plateau. At the Storval Stairs, however, the Rise is only 400 feet in height with human-sized steps and ramps cut into the gargantuan ones, making the passage even easier.3 Immense statues of the runelord Karzoug flank the stairs, although the southern-most one is beginning to finally crumble due to erosion.45

Recent history

Formoch, the hill giant "King of the Storval Stairs"

In 4707 AR, the stone giant leader Mokmurian sent a band of his followers to clean up the stairs and hold them as a route for his invasion of Varisia.4 After his defeat, the Stairs were abandoned and presumably retaken by members of the Shoanti Hawk Clan, who have patrolled the Stairs for generations.6

A flight of harpies led by the harpy queen Lareecan later claimed the Stairs for two years, but were themselves ousted by a hill giant clan led by Formoch, the self-proclaimed "King of the Storval Stairs." With the strategic Stairs under their control, Formoch's clan charged exorbitant tolls to travellers, which eventually drew the ire of the Pathfinder Society for disrupting their expeditions into Xin-Shalast.7


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