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Elaine Cunningham

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Elaine Cunningham


Elaine Cunningham was born in New York, where she developed an unshakable loyalty to the New York Yankees and strong opinions about what constitutes a Real Bagel. She now resides in coastal Rhode Island, the setting for her urban fantasy Changeling novels: Shadows in the Darkness and Shadows in the Starlight. She has also written 15 novels and 13 short stories set in the Forgotten Realms (Wizards of the Coast), a novel (Dark Journey, Star Wars New Jedi Order, Del Rey 2002) and three short stories in the Star Wars extended universe, and an EverQuest novel (The Blood Red Harp, CDS Books, 2006.) Her short fiction has been published in anthologies by Baen (Catopolis, 2008), Del Rey (Tales From Tethedril, 1998), Green Knight Publishing (The Doom of Camelot, 2000), Morrigan Books, (The Phantom Queen Awakes, 2010), Fantasist Enterprises (Sails & Sorcery, 2007; Modern Magic, 2006; Cloaked in Shadows, 2005), and Popcorn Press (Lilith Unbound, 2008), as well as several magazines: Black Gate (Vol.1 No. 3, Winter 2002) , Dragon, (Issue #246, April, 1998; Issue #259, May, 1999; Issue #282, April, 2001; Issue #335, August, 2005) and Star Wars Gamer (Issues 5, 7 and 8). Her books have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Turkish, and Hebrew.

Her first foray into the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting1was Dark Tapestry, a six-part series of serialized fiction in Pathfinder's Journal, released in Pathfinder Adventure Path issues 19-24 beginning with the launch of the fourth adventure path, Legacy of Fire, in March 2009. Channa Ti, the half-elf druid introduced in Dark Tapestry, also appears in "The Nature of the Beast," a short story set in Absalom and published in Issue #3 of the fanzine Wayfinder (June 2010.) Elaine's article detailing the elven forest realm of Hymbria is included in Guide to the River Kingdoms. She travels to Korvosa, the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and the ever-winter land of Irrisen with Winter Witch, the second novel in the Pathfinder Tales line, was released in November 2010.

Pathfinder credits

Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Hymbria"Hymbria" 1002 February 2010 Guide to the River Kingdoms, 21.
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Double Dealings"Double Dealings" 0904 April 2009 Howl of the Carrion King, 70. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #1
Justice Done, Betrayal, Repaid"Justice Done, Betrayal, Repaid" 0904 April 2009 House of the Beast, 70. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #2
Raising the Green Flag"Raising the Green Flag" 0905 May 2009 The Jackal's Price, 70. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #3
Gemstones"Gemstones" 0906 June 2009 The End of Eternity, 70. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #4
When Mermaids Laugh"When Mermaids Laugh" 0907 July 2009 The Impossible Eye, 74. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #5
Drowned God, The"The Drowned God" 0908 August 2009 The Final Wish, 68. Dark Tapestry (fiction) #6
Winter Witch 1011 November 2010 Released as an audiobook October 2015
The Illusionist 1108 August 2011 Link
See also: Category:Works by Elaine Cunningham


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