Shy Hills

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The Shy Hills are a dense forest that covers 200 square miles in southwestern Varisia, east of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. It is the source of the Turandarok River, and is the subject of a great mystery of the native Varisians, who have long learnt to accept and ignore it. Explorers who tried to track down the source of the Turandarok reported strange, eerie, disturbing dreams, visions, and sounds in the foggy Whisperwood Moor. Most were demoralised by the strangely aggressive animals, will-o'-wisp attacks, and glimpses of long-dead people before reaching the Shy Hills; most who do so never return, and the survivors refuse to reveal what they saw.1

In truth, since before humans settled the region, the Shy Hills have been the domain of a whisperer. It has no interest in expanding its domain, but those who enter the Shy Hills are lucky to escape with their lives and sanity intact.1


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