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Nation Varisia
Region Korvosa
Size Small town
Population 828
Demographics 81% human, 10% halfling, 4% dwarf, 3% half-elf, 1% gnome, 1% other
Government Conventional (mayor)
Alignment Neutral good

Source: A History of Ashes, pg(s). 8

Founded in 4536 AR by Sarwin Harse, the town of Harse is an important gateway between Korvosa's inland holdings and its seaward settlements. Positioned at the junction of the Sarwin and Falcon Rivers, the town's twin ferries provide the easiest means of crossing both rivers for travelers in the area.[1]

The town is built on a narrow strip of land between the Sarwin and Falcon rivers, and has been a river crossing since the time before the Chelish arrived. It contains only a few dozen buildings, including a church of Erastil, two grocers, and two taverns (the Spotted Pony, and the Nag Bag). Most of the inhabitants do not live in the village proper, but on isolated farms and ranches spread about the local countryside.[2] The town is known for its horse and livestock breeding, and holds a large rodeo at the Harse Market each year to determine Varisia's top riders and animals.[3][4]


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