Theumanexus College

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Theumanexus College
Type Arcane college
Headquarters East Shore, Korvosa, Varisia
Goals Teach general wizardry
Scope Local
Structure Scholastic
Members Students of the arcane

Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 13f.

The Theumanexus College is a small wizard school located in the East Shore district of the city of Korvosa.


The campus of the Theumanexus College was built on land that once belonged to the noble family House Galdur, a disgraced family that lost their property after the Cousins' War. After changing hands several times, the manor was purchased by the retired mage Yaris Verso in 4603 AR. Verso made many friends during this time, including the gnome wizard Tepest Geezlebottle.

With the rise of House Thrune in Cheliax and the shift of the Acadamae towards infernal practises, Yaris donated his property to his idealistic colleagues and departed Korvosa entirely.

Policies and Education

The Theumanexus College teaches generalist theories of the arcane. Those specialist wizards who graduate tend to be students from the more prestigious Acadamae unable to pass the entrance examination. Even so, the vast majority of graduates leave the college with a functional knowledge of all schools of magic.

Both the faculty and the students of the Acadamae look down upon the college, but the students of the Theumanexus College do their best to ignore the remarks and taunts from their prestigious competitor.[1]


The campus consists of three main buildings:


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