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The Dagger of Trust

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The Dagger of Trust
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Book - Novel
January 2014

The Dagger of Trust,1 a Pathfinder Tales novel by Chris Willrich, was released in January 2014. It is a sequel to Willrich's Pathfinder Tales web fiction short story "The Cloak of Belonging".

Fog of WarGideon Gull leads a double life: one as a talented young bard at the Rhapsodic College, and the other as a student of the Shadow School, where Taldor's infamous Lion Blades are trained to be master spies. When a magical fog starts turning ordinary people into murderous mobs along the border between Taldor and Andoran, it's up to Gideon and a crew of his fellow performers to solve the mystery. But can a handful of entertainers really stop a brewing war?


The Dagger of Trust features the following characters:


  • Map (8)
  • Prelude in Fog (9)
  • Chapter 1 Overture for Voice and Poisoned Blade (17)
  • Chapter 2 Chamber Music for Three Assassins (41)
  • Chapter 3 Bloodstain Sonata (81)
  • Chapter 4 Dirge for Spies and Ghosts (109)
  • Chapter 5 Shanty for Vagabonds (131)
  • Chapter 6 Solo (with a Chorus for Madmen) (151)
  • Chapter 7 Duet (with Dissonance) (163)
  • Chapter 8 Hellfire Jig (185)
  • Chapter 9 Nocturne in the Key of Fear (195)
  • Chapter 10 Requiem for Heroes and Fools (217)
  • Chapter 11 Anthem for Andoran (239)
  • Chapter 12 Wildwood Chant (255)
  • Chapter 13 Blood Pastorale (267)
  • Chapter 14 Fugue for Lost Souls (289)
  • Chapter 15 Rhapsody in Mist (303)
  • Chapter 16 Traitor's Waltz (325)
  • Chapter 17 Intermission (with Monsters) (339)
  • Chapter 18 Ballad of the Desperate Bards (355)
  • Chapter 19 Fantasia for Empire (373)
  • Chapter 20 Aria for Broken Voices (391)
  • Coda in Oppara (415)
  • About the Author (427)
  • Glossary (431)

Paizo published Chapter Two in the Paizo Blog as a sample chapter from the novel.


Plot summary


It is likely the events of this novel take place during 47134714 AR based on the copyright year, 2013, and the publication date of 2014. The action of the prequel Pathfinder Tales web fiction, The Cloak of Belonging, occurred "a year ago",11 so placing those events in 47124713 AR.


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  1. The title of the novel is derived from an old saying of the Lion Blades discussed on p. 39: "The dagger of trust is the sharpest blade of all."
  2. Neil Spicer revealed this character is Viviana Albercroft from Realm of the Fellnight Queen here.
  3. Almost certainly Croon will be Horace Croon from Illmarsh.
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  6. Person: "the golden-robed high priestess of Abadar" 197
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