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Monsters Among Us

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Monsters Among Us
Book - Short Fiction
September–January 2016

Monsters Among Us is a novella in six parts written by Stephanie Lorée. The story was released in print throughout the Hell's Rebels Adventure Path from September 2015 to January 2016. The story tells of the plague doctor Maharai and her companion Liset, as they search for a cure to the debilitating condition afflicting Maharai's son Khem.


Monsters Among Us features the following characters:


1. "The Gods' Tithe" - In Hell's Bright Shadow (74)

2. "Thicker Than Blood" - Turn of the Torrent (74)

3. "To Steal from Thieves" - Dance of the Damned (76)

4. "Lies that Bind" - A Song of Silver (108)

5. "The Monster Within" - The Kintargo Contract (74)

6. "One Cost, One Cure" - Breaking the Bones of Hell (76)



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  1. Item: Drayven's magical ring 2/77; effect A 6/78 [A 6/78]
  2. Item: Drayven's magical & poisonous dagger [A 3/78]
  3. Item: Drayven's amulet
  4. Item: amulet found in the scroll case
  5. Person: name of Asmodean caretaker in Chapter 1
  6. Person: name of false guard at Corentyn's docks [A 2/75]
  7. Spell: inflicting enough guilt on a person to force their suicide 1/79
  8. Spell: Maharai's fire spell 2/77 & 4/108
  9. Spell: "A burning ray of light erupted from the palm of my hand" 4/112
  10. Spell: "Wounds opened across the dog's skin" 5/74
  11. Jistkan temple [A 4/112; A 5/76]. Is it Rachikan?
  12. Druidic stone circle and temple [A 6/79]