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The Compass Stone

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The Compass Stone: The Collected Journals of Eando Kline
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Book - Short Fiction
August 2007–January 2009
May 2011

The Compass Stone: The Collected Journals of Eando Kline is an eighteen-part serialized novella following the journey of Pathfinder Eando Kline. This is the first example of fiction set in the world of Golarion and appeared in the Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and Second Darkness Pathfinder Adventure Path. While the novella was known simply as "Pathfinder's Journal" during its initial release as part of the Pathfinder's Journal series, it was released in spring 2011 in compiled ePub format under the current title to distinguish it from the ongoing series of AP fiction. The ePub includes an introduction by James L. Sutter, end-chapter game appendixes, and a final appendix detailing Eando Kline and his game statistics as he appears in the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path.


1. Opening Moves by Erik Mona - Burnt Offerings (80)

Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae presents a history of the Pathfinder Society to Eando Kline, and assigns him a seemingly innocuous mission. This chapter breaks from the normal style of the Pathfinder's Journal by presenting a background article on the Pathfinder Society itself instead of a first-person account of a pathfinder's exploits. It is included as part of this novella because it contains an introduction letter by Shevala to Eando and because it is part of the "Pathfinder's Journal" section of the book but, beyond that, the information contained in this chapter is not written in the same voice or style as the rest of the series. Shevala's letter is included in the compiled version, but the Society article is not; in his introduction, Sutter describes it as "a much-needed thing, given that it was our big debut and no one had yet heard of the group we'd named our world after."

2. The Journey Begins by Jason Bulmahn - The Skinsaw Murders (76)

Following information about an ioun stone from Belsir Trullos, Pathfinder Eando Kline journeys up the Yondabakari River aboard Captain Othlo's riverboat, heading toward Kaer Maga from Magnimar. Two days later, on 12 Gozran 4707 AR, a rough wind sends the tiny halfling boat ashore, where Eando comes across an owlbear and an Uplands stallion fighting. Arriving in time to see the horse deliver a fatal blow, Eando discovers a magical metal puzzle box wrapped in the dead elf rider's spare shirt.
After returning to the river, Kline arrives in Wartle on 15 Gozran, spends one of his "best days in recent memory", and is reluctantly off again a day later, following the Dry Way atop Redmare. Fighting off fang flies and the lack of company, he continues traveling through into twilight, where he comes upon the camp fire of Finnigar, a minstrel with a lute, emerald liquor, and a number of skilled tales, one of which Eando records as the "Legend of the Whispering Tyrant".
Eando closes this entry with a recounting of his capture by a boggard king and his subjects. Awakening on the 20th to Redmare's whinny, he is knocked unconscious, trussed up like a pig, and finds himself a witness to her torture and impregnation by a host of summoned dragonwasps. Thrown into a stewing pit to be marinated, he escapes the boggards thanks to a curious cricket and silently apologizes to his bloated companion as he races away. He collapsed in a room at the Azure Cup in Whistledown two days later.

3. The Hand of the Handless by James L. Sutter - The Hook Mountain Massacre (72)

Arriving at the foot of the Storval Rise beneath Kaer Maga, Eando is escorted through the dungeons beneath the city by the Duskwardens. Exiting into the haphazard scaffolding of the city's Warren, he is offered the services of guide by Gav, a young thief who unsuccessfully tried to steal from him. To find Dakar and his ioun stone, Gav introduces Eando to an Augur, who confirms that Eando will find what he seeks. After days of a dizzying tour through the city, Eando and Gav are brought to Dakar, who turns out to be a naga crime boss. In exchange for the ioun stone, Dakar asks Eando to return a spellbook stolen by the bloatmage Neshiel.

4. Fool's Gold by Mike McArtor - Fortress of the Stone Giants (72)

Eando visits Sirathu where he and his skull-embossed puzzle box becomes the target of a band of fleet-footed filchers. His three week pursuit of them leads all the way to Korvosa and, after canvassing the North Point district, he finally tracks down one of the cutpurses. A madcap chase through the city ends in a basement and a magically locked staircase to the sewers. Dodging the otyughs dining on the city's filth, he emerges anew into an unknown building where he finds his stolen belongings, minus the puzzle box.

5. Belly of the Beast by Mike McArtor, & James L. Sutter - Sins of the Saviors (74)

Kline's reckless tour of Korvosa gets even worse when he goes head to head against the spies and assassins of the Red Mantis, one of the most feared criminal organizations in Golarion!

6. Of Endings and Beginnings by James L. Sutter - Spires of Xin-Shalast (70)

Eando's bad luck in Korvosa takes an even deadlier turn after a trip to the city's infamous school of magic, the Acadamae. With a hellknight enforcer hot on his trail, the pathfinder makes a desperate escape from the city.

7. The Burn Run by Michael Kortes - Edge of Anarchy (70)

Fleeing from Korvosa with his life, our hero finds himself among the savage Shoanti of the dangerous Cinderlands, where he must prove himself worthy to survive.

8. The Bloodworks Incident by James Jacobs - Seven Days to the Grave (72)

Eando's trek through the Cinderlands leads him to Urglin, a lawless, ruined city of outcasts and savage creatures. There he must find the aid he needs to pass through the orc-tortured reaches of Belkzen and avoid becoming but another victim of the Shattered City.

9. Thin Air by Amber Scott - Escape from Old Korvosa (72)

Led into the orc-ravaged lands of the Hold of Belkzen by an unscrupulous guide, Eando finds himself far from comfort, civilization, or aid. With only a brutish half-orc as company, the lonely pathfinder struggles to survive in the land ruled by monsters and broken by ages of endless war.

10. The Storm Breaks by Richard Pett - A History of Ashes (74)

Eando's trek through the orc-dominated land of Belkzen puts him on a warpath few can hope to survive, stranded on a field of battle among hordes of orc warriors.

11. A Friend in Need by James L. Sutter - Skeletons of Scarwall (70)

Kline discovers that there's more to Belkzen's savagery then howling orcs and hungry monsters. Savages turn sinister as the pathfinder and his guide head to an orc stronghold to gain passage to the nation's dangerous capital.

12. Pink Like Me by James L. Sutter - Crown of Fangs (74)

Eando reaches the orc city of Urgir and learns that pinkskins aren't welcome everywhere. In this crumbling capitol, they're permitted but life's hard for a human in this joint.

13. Fear in a Handful of Rust by Jay Thompson - Shadow in the Sky (72)

It's into the Darklands for Eando, as he enters the underworld realm from an ancient dwarven portal. It's not long before his life is once again in grave danger, as is all the metal he possesses.

14. Darkest Before the Fall by Amber Scott - Children of the Void (72)

The deeper Eando goes, the more treacherous the trek becomes. Lost in the darkness, he now faces twisted duergar and a beast larger than any he has yet encountered.

15. ...And Your Enemies Closer by Greg A. Vaughan - The Armageddon Echo (74)

Eando enters Sekamina and encounters the first signs of the treacherous serpentfolk who inhabit the layer, but quickly learns that sometimes the greatest threats are the very things you assumed were on your side.

16. City of Serpents by Jay Thompson - Endless Night (72)

Kline discovers a lost serpentfolk city, finally reaching the end of his ioun stone assigned quest. Faced with unspeakable horror, can he keep his discoveries a secret and prevent a great evil from awakening to threaten the entire world?

17. A Thousand Miles to Absalom by Amber Scott - A Memory of Darkness (72)

Kline races against his most challenging adversary to rebury knowledge of his latest and most incredible discovery. Can he outsmart and outrun Belzig before the rival pathfinder reaches Absalom and reveals Eando's secret to the unsuspecting world?

18. End of the Road by James L. Sutter - Descent into Midnight (72)

In the City at the Center of the World, Eando must defend his discoveries before the mysterious leaders of the Pathfinder Society, the Decemvirate. Despite all his past challenges, his most difficult will be in the heart of his cherished organization, and the fate of the world lies in his hands.

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James L. Sutter discussed The Compass Stone and the beginnings of the Pathfinder's Journal in an August 2016 Paizo Blog article detailing the demise of the series.