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A Lumber Consortium enforcer wears heavily accessorized leather armor.
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Leather armour is comprised of several flexible or molded boiled leather panels stitched together to overlap. This armor is tougher than natural hide while retaining considerable flexibility; it is both less protective and restrictive than metal armors.123

Kayltanya, a Red Mantis assassin, wears the cult's distinctive studded leather armor.


Studded leather armor embeds metal studs or plates for additional reinforcement, without sacrificing its flexibility.3

Rosewood armor wraps leather armor in thorned rose vines that must be watered regularly for maintenance.45

On Golarion

Members of the Red Mantis assassin cult wear distinctive red and black studded leather armor.6

The infamous vigilante Blackjack of Korvosa wears a suit of black leather armor.7

Leather armor is associated with the szerik bond of the Iridian Fold.8

The Crows, guards of Carrion Hill in Ustalav, wear distinctive black leather armor and chains.9

Charau-ka are known to manufacture tanned leather armor.10

The serial murderer Varl Wex is said to wear leather armor that incorporates an apron to hold the tools of his violent craft.11

Quantium's rumored Master of Assassins Master Phade wears distinctive full-body leather armor.12


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