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The Lost Pathfinder

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The Lost Pathfinder
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Book - Short Fiction
June 2010
October 2010
Half-elven Pathfinder and noble detective Varian Jeggare is down on his luck and searching for it at the bottom of a bottle, sunk so deep into his own despair that not even his loyal bodyguard Radovan—a streetwise rake with the blood of devils in his veins—can drag him out of it. But when a job gone wrong puts a price on Varian's head, can Radovan hunt down the assassin and save his boss from their enemies—and himself—before it's too late?


The Lost Pathfinder features the following characters:


1. The Solarium - June 2, 2010

At home at Greensteeples and soothing his misfortunes with drink, Venture-captain Varian Jeggare receives a letter from the Pathfinder Society in Absalom chastising him for missing reports from his Pathfinders abroad. Checking his whispering lilies, a means of communicating with his agents through plants, he finds the bulbs entrusted to his agent in Ustalav have withered away.
In an Eel Street alley, Jeggare's bodyguard Radovan Virholt is accosted by Maccabus, an old acquaintance from a previous employer. In exchange for information about a rumored assassination attempt on Jeggare, Radovan provides a little muscle for an intimidation job at a local lending operation.

2. The Bunyip Dock - June 9, 2010

Radovan finds Vincenzo, the shiver-addicted source of the assassination rumor, at an old warehouse on the Bunyip Dock. Named for the creatures living within the nearby waters, both Vincenzo and Radovan get a little too close to hungering maws before Vincenzo gives up the who and where of the attempt.

3. The Grand Opera - June 16, 2010

Ignoring Radovan's warnings about the assassination attempt, Varian heads to the Opera House of Egorian to catch a showing of The Water Nymph. Much to his offense, the other theater goers deign to recognize his presence, staring in any direction but his. Meanwhile, Radovan and his halfling companions discover a suspicious man bribing the guards for entry to the opera house. When Radovan investigates further, he's greeted with a few saps to the head.

4. Behind the Curtain - June 23, 2010

Recovering quickly, Radovan fights back against Jeggare's assassin high on the catwalk overlooking the opera's stage. Sending her unconscious with a broken breastbone and some head trauma of her own, Radovan meets up with Varian outside the opera. Lost in his thoughts and the ingratitude and abuse of his peers, Varian resolves not to drown his sorrows with more drink, but rather to depart Egorian and attempt to right his wrongs.


  • Shortly after chapter 2 of The Lost Pathfinder was published, and with full-length novel Prince of Wolves only two months away from publication, James L. Sutter had yet to tell author Dave Gross what PC class Varian Jeggare was.1


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