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The holy symbol of Hanspur.
Rat swarm
Rats visited by an imp.

Rats are small, prolific rodents found in urban areas. They are popular familiars among spellcasters.[1]


Rats are omnivores. They are normally secretive scavengers, but extreme hunger may cause them to join in aggressive, predatory rat swarms.[1]

Ratlike creatures

See also: Giant rat

Giant rats resemble their smaller cousins in most respects, but grow to be up to two feet in length.[1] Donkey rats are the size of small dogs, and have proportionally longer legs and shorter tails than other types of rats.[2]

Wererats are a type of lycanthrope that can take the shape of a human-rat hybrid or of a giant rat.[3]

In religion

Rats are sacred to the gods Hanspur, himself called the Water Rat;[4][5] Norgorber;[6] and Lao Shu Po, who began her life as a rat who ate the flesh of a slain god.[7] In addition, the rat is sacred to the archdevil Mammon;[8] the daemonic harbinger Tresmalvos;[9] and the nascent demon lord Murnath.[10]


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