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The Archstar
Type Star
Adjective Stellar, sidereal
Atmosphere Usually none
Satellites Other stars, a solar system
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A star is a luminous celestial body seen in the night sky and possibly, for the brightest stars, during dawn and dusk. The closest star to Golarion is its own sun. Stars are often grouped together to form constellations. However, some stars are known in their own right.[1]

Most stars in the Material Plane contain portals in their cores leading to the Positive Energy Plane, through which mature souls enter the Material Plane and find their way to mortal vessels. These portals are fiercely guarded by the Positive Energy Plane's jyoti natives.[2][3]

A stargazer cleric

Stars in the Night Sky of Golarion

  • Alboras, a bright star used by navigators, whose rise marks the beginning of the Osirian growing season.[4]
  • Cynosure, the pole star[1]
  • Taru Seco, a binary system comprised of Taru Major and Minor; the second-brightest object in Golarion's sky[5]

Stars in Religion

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