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The Cosmic Caravan.

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 50

A constellation is a perceived pattern formed by prominent stars within apparent proximity to one another when viewed from a specific point in space and time.1

There are many constellations in Golarion's night sky, including the thirteen signs of the Cosmic Caravan used by those studying astrology.2 Different cultures have their own constellations.

Over Golarion

This is a list of some of the more famous constellations in the night sky using the names prevalent in the Inner Sea region of Golarion:234

Northern hemisphere

Constellations of Golarion's northern hemisphere, which includes the Inner Sea region, draw their names from Varisian traditions. The Varisians used them to guide their wanderings for generations.4

Southern hemisphere

Few in the Inner Sea region can see the stars known across much of the southern hemisphere of Golarion, which are better known across southern Garund and Casmaron.5

Minor constellations

In religion

The constellation called the Key is said to be made to unlock the First Vault or to point the way there.3
Her ship, the Seawraith, is seen as a constellation in the night sky.[citation needed]
The constellation called the Stair of Stars astronomically points the way to the pole star, Cynosure, and theologically points the way to Desna's palace.27

In astrology

Constellations of a zodiac — an area of the sky centered on the sun's apparent path across the celestial sphere8 — form the basis of astrological studies across Golarion.910

Cosmic Caravan

Astrologers in the Inner Sea region use the thirteen signs of the Varisian Cosmic Caravan as the basis for their studies and predictions.11 It is suspected of having an Azlanti origin, potentially making it a cousin of similar Lergeni astrology systems.9

Certain psychics, called esoteric starseekers, use the constellations of the Cosmic Caravan as the source of their power; they read the constellations as other psychics read minds, and can gain access to certain spells that are associated with specific constellations.12

Dragon Empires zodiac

The Dragon Empires zodiac of Tian Xia comprises twelve figures heavily associated with imperial dragons and Tian legends. This zodiac is also more concerned with specific points in time, including the daylight hours, and with phases of the moon.1310

Blink dog zodiac

Blink dogs are fascinated by the myths associated with their own zodiac, which they use for assessing births and seeing omens.14

Jahaxi constellations

The Lirgeni and iruxi peoples of Jaha have their own combined constellations and astrological traditions. Jahaxi constellations include:15

The Bird Mother
A protector of new stars.
The Bird of Paradise
A flower that grows from a drop of the sun.
Eyes of the Dead
Home to ancestors who observe the world.
The Fang
A protector of travelers.
The Horn
Supports the night sky.
The Lions
Creatures who became stars after observing a goddess.
The Sailfish
Swoops down to catch food.
The Spider
Weaver of the night.
The Spine
Supports the connection between the world and heavens.
The Twin Turtles
The two are stacked atop each other.


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