Andoshen River

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The Andoshen River (sometimes referred to as the Andossan)1 is the wide central waterway of the nation of Andoran.2


The source of the Andoshen lies in the foothills of the Five Kings Range in the far northeast of the country. From there it flows southwest along the border of the highlands, joining the Foam River just southeast of Falcon's Hollow. There it turns south through the Carpenden Plains and eventually passes the town of Riverford. From there it passes through the capital of Almas (where it is joined by the much smaller Moulton, Kernite, and Tamuth Rivers)3 and into the Inner Sea.2



As the nation's central waterway, it is heavily used to transport goods (such as lumber4 and wine5) from the heartland to the coast for export.2 Flat-bottomed transport ships and barges carry the passengers and goods. They occasionally come under bandit attack, but given the large numbers of burly lumberjacks that accompany these vessels, they are generally quite capable of defending themselves.6