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Damiel Morgethai practices alchemy in a laboratory.

A laboratory, also called a lab, is a space that contains specialized crafting and measurement tools for practicing engineering and academic research. Many sensitive crafts and sciences require such a space, though none more than technological construction.

On Golarion

Alchemy laboratories

Magic laboratories

Science laboratories

Technology laboratories

On Golarion, facilities for building high-tech devices are exceedingly rare and potentially dangerous to access. Such specialized labs not under the control of the Technic League may be plagued by out-of-control robots, vengeful or insane androids, disfigured undead, aberrations, or artificial intelligences—or, worst of all, lack the power necessary to function, rendering them useless. The advanced tools and tremendous amounts of power required by a technological lab also make them impossible to reproduce on Golarion.12 However, a skilled technologist with access to a lab can potentially invent technological devices with functions that reach beyond even the alien artifacts scattered across Numeria.

There are six known types of technological labs:13

  • Cybernetics labs, which can be used to create and implant technology designed to meld with biological systems
  • Graviton labs, for the crafting of graviton technology
  • Medical labs, for crafting technological healing and enhancement items and pharmaceuticals
  • Military labs, which serve as forges for basic technological weapons and armor
  • Nanotech labs specialized for crafting such items and systems
  • Production labs, which offer general-purpose crafting of basic technological items

Known technology laboratories include:

  • Many temples of Brigh, which are workshops for technology if not full-fledged, powered technological laboratories.14
  • The spaceship wreckage across Numeria, which contains some intact high-tech laboratories.[citation needed]


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