Tall Tales

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Tall Tales
Author(s) Richard Pett et al.
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Serialized February–July 2015
Released 2015
Type Short Fiction
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Chapters 6 chapters
Follows Whispers in the Wastelands
Precedes Monsters Among Us
Artwork from Tall Tales

Tall Tales is a novella in six parts written by authors Richard Pett, Michael Kortes, Greg A. Vaughan, Clinton J. Boomer, Wendy N. Wagner and Patrick Renie. The story was serialized in print throughout the Giantslayer Adventure Path from February 2015 to July 2015. The novella marks the first time since Prodigal Sons that a Pathfinder's Journal has been written by multiple authors, with each author telling a different story of the characters' past encounters with giants.


Tall Tales features the following characters:


  1. "Close Relations" by Richard Pett - Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (74)
  2. "Going Dörak" by Michael Kortes - The Hill Giant's Pledge (76)
  3. "The Travails of Kilig the Steersman" by Greg A. Vaughan - Forge of the Giant God (76)
  4. "A Huge and Hulking Darkness" by Clinton J. Boomer - Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen (74)
  5. "Clouded Judgment" by Wendy N. Wagner - Anvil of Fire (74)
  6. "Fears in the Frozen Pines" by Patrick Renie - Shadow of the Storm Tyrant (76)



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