Guilty Blood

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Guilty Blood
Guilty Blood
Author(s) F. Wesley Schneider
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price ePub: $4.99
Serialized March 2011—July 2011
Released January 2012
Type Short Fiction
Binding ePub
Pages 36 pages (in print)
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-435-1
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Chapters 6 chapters
Follows Plague of Light
Precedes Husks
Artwork from Guilty Blood

Guilty Blood is a novella in six parts written by F. Wesley Schneider and set in Ustalav. The story was originally serialized in the Carrion Crown Pathfinder Adventure Path from March to July 2011, then was released as a compiled digital novella in January 2012.

For Laurel Cylphra, scion of a forgotten noble family in the run-down former capital city of Ardis, life is rarely easy, and the only coins worth having are those plucked from another's pouch. Yet when a scheme gone wrong awakens a murderous ghost bent on revenge, it's up to the sharp-tongued young firebrand and an aging ex-Pathfinder to warn the city's decadent upper class and put down the regal ghost before it finishes off Ustalav's aristocracy for good.


Guilty Blood features the following characters:


  1. Common Ashes - The Haunting of Harrowstone (70)
  2. Decay by Degrees - Trial of the Beast (76)
  3. The Lost Prince - Broken Moon (76)
  4. Relics - Wake of the Watcher (76)
  5. Fateful Lot - Ashes at Dawn (72)
  6. Traitor's Blade - Shadows of Gallowspire (74)


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