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A keketar, a protean outsider.
Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Any
Alignment Varies
Images of outsiders

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 309
For a list of known outsider races seen on Golarion, see Category:Outsiders.

While an outsider is generally a person not belonging to the group or locality of the speaker, the term is also used on Golarion to refer a being not native to the world, whether from one of the other planets in the solar system or another plane of existence in the Great Beyond.

However, in its most technical sense, an outsider is a being that is at least partially made up of the quintessence of a plane other than the Material Plane. Unlike most other living creatures, an outsider does not have a soul separate from its body.[citation needed]

Aside from native outsiders, outsiders do not need to eat or sleep.[1]


Outsiders do not die of old age in the same way mortals do. Instead, an outsider that grows weary or loses focus eventually melds into its home plane, adding its essence to that realm.[2]

Outsider types

There are many different kinds of outsider, but they can be broadly split into three categories: Inner Sphere, Outer Sphere, and native outsiders.

Inner Sphere

An earth elemental is one of many Inner Sphere outsiders.

Outsiders from the Inner Sphere are typically from one of the elemental planes. Elementals and genies are perhaps the most well-known Inner Sphere outsiders on Golarion.

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Outer Sphere

The empyreal lord Ragathiel leads an assault on evil Outer Sphere outsiders.

Outsiders from the Outer Sphere are usually strongly associated with the moral (good or evil) and ethical (law or chaos) outlook of their home plane. These outsiders include the following broad races.

  • Aeons were strictly neutral with respect to good, evil, law, and chaos[3]
  • Agathions are associated with good[3]
  • Angels are associated with good, and may favour law, chaos or neither[3]
  • Archons are associated with law and good[3]
  • Asuras are associated with evil and law
  • Azatas are associated with chaos and good[3]
  • Daemons are associated with evil[3]
  • Demodands are associated with evil and chaos
  • Demons are associated with evil and chaos[3]
  • Devils are associated with evil and law[3]
  • Divs are associated with evil
  • Inevitables are associated with law[3]
  • Velstracs are associated with evil and law
  • Proteans are associated with chaos[3]
  • Psychopomps are strictly neutral with respect to good, evil, law, and chaos
  • Qlippoth are associated with evil and chaos[3]
  • Sahkil are associated with evil

Native outsiders

This unicorn is a half-celestial creature, which is a type of native outsider.

All outsiders are native to the plane of their creation. Some outsiders have a strong enough link to the Material Plane to be considered native to it. For example, most native outsiders have mortal ancestors. Unlike other outsiders, these creatures are native to the Material Plane and need to eat and sleep. They can also be brought back from the dead by powerful magic in the same way as mortals.[4]

For a list of native outsider races, see Category:Native subtype creatures.

Broad groupings of native outsiders include:


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