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Large town
Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 21

Triela is a large town on Star Bay of the Inner Sea near the mouth of the Sellen River in south-eastern Andoran, close to its border with Taldor.1 It is the final stop for hundreds of lumberjacks every year who float their logs down from the Verduran Forest and flood the settlement with their hard-earned pay, spending it on company and drink. This has given Triela a reputation for debauchery, one which the wealthier citizens who reside on the bluff above the taverns and brothels have tried hard to overcome.2


The buildings of the town can be found both on the waterfront and on the tall bluff overlooking the settlement. Most of Triela's bars, brothels, gambling halls, and taverns are located by the harbor (colloquially known as the Skids), which also includes shops, warehouses, and a few private homes. The town's more affluent citizens reside on the bluff.23


Triela began as a trading post but grew quickly due to its advantageous location as a natural port on the Inner Sea near the mouth of the Sellen.4 Long predating the nation of Andoran, Triela was once part of a Taldan prefecture, a Chelish province and, for approximately four years, an independent republic.53

In the 41st century AR, preceding the Even-Tongued Conquest, Admiral Genise Ratorian of Westcrown convinced the baron of Triela to grant asylum to her gray corsairs. At that time, they were merely Andoren sailors from Augustana, trained for combat by Ratorian and given warships to raid Taldan merchants and weaken Taldor, which ultimately aided Cheliax in their quest for independence from Taldor. Triela remained a safe harbour for the corsairs and eventually declared its independence from Cheliax centuries later.3


Triela is vitally important to the Andoren economy, both for its lumber industry, and its center as a trade port for merchants plying the North Tack, pirates, and others traveling by sea.4