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An assassin.
(Prestige class)
Region Any
Races Any
Classes Any
Progression 10 levels
Images of assassins

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 378–380

Deadly loners, assassins are trained as merciless killers, adept at silent murder in any number of ways. Assassins are generally mercenary in their approach to death as they are aware of the vast sums their skills are worth. Assassins are not just masters of murder but also espionage able to sneak into the most secure areas and hide in plain sight. Assassins are most commonly drawn from the ranks of rogues who already boast potent abilities. The most powerful assassins can instantly kill a target with only a moments preparation, to murder without ever being noticed and they can even ruin the most powerful resurrection magic. While potent in combat assassins are at their most lethal when their victim never even realise that they are they. Assassins are, thanks to the nature of their profession, are universally evil thanks to the disregard for human life assassins must display.[1]


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